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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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or family in that we are organizing is something you have to have a little society emotional hole or every question is on brazil hundreds education there is a good cause a muscle horse missive because you have high civic courage in dipping your hunger games during two was issued to them but a compass and scania warning is on the heel of her various assistant i think an impulse i don't want us to assess and should only took me it took my family in russia jumped in with less example. than. to do the other songs to hold the gun you. know but it doesn't last long most. of the. yelling with. the you know because it always the. low roll so i would listen somebody in our conclusion
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long it was mucking about in shooting as only the horses we're simply going to pull all the workers use it when you're shooting all sense of all just six episode one is a cause of. the political cause optimus if there was a bit about what all that even the cover is all done was it by lush almost always or just a caribbean ship birches ship ship over the oh dear why do you call child dog little but i've been lucky yet those who sit on the syndicate he says. but the ones you lybia can't hear you see if a song but a little while and the sooner you sing cuomo to just what is to the mccoy accordingly that should. look long convoluted a very easy from a year from the a.c.c. you. will declare by your article has. moved. from we can be
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used to be a victim of nothing more than just the words did not work the legality because you don't look up the effort in the region these are. the works of a bubble some more i don't think i. have it because one monkey coming up a hole in the finishing. tracks of the other dia i will know from i think that was not in his hose in the hose in the boiler something i. welcome once again peter schiff a russian for this is jim shipper on the south b.s. about some public me i know folk in the overalls and i was always into the home on with someone of a guy who could come in with a bucket assembly here where yet says that he forgot it up in the open. in the composite and it is a quark in a loony bin i continued name but as the image that i stop is him in that he has its way somehow my affair i think to moment he refers to little less to dean at one
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point he will be forgot that i feel that if we feel that aussie could have it was then it would have it to me it was then it is done it was only in the media will bubble because the second edition is this is your problem. you. really need this fifty percent because cornish. e. is a bit of thoughts if that's true conflict usually keep the religious good luck will fade. to digital. he hear the pistol shot go through. it did he is in there is not from this had the. bullets have panned out. you're. looking at. if you can't see it you should get this.
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point during. the demo for the last somewhat amorphous we. wanted to all go to sign up for. zero point you know possibly that bob the book wants us to spots one of the filming. me but it will be here when i. said there must be smoke and smoke. it knows that. the best i can is the most of the book emo got the bomb if it is going to say because cliff was there was to memphis it would be terrible and so that was that and to get him to give it to. him with
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payment. for his about would choose. to come back in the sea. it would just say it's ok to meet death to move. the page because he called a zombie bird spoke to. this was a source it was in the book to call it a lesson to the kids to consummating it up on this if i have to put a chit to. his own funny will just so pop clear and officers i'm. just. going to sit there and i'll. disappear. i love. that man it was what you mean the best for me. spokes associate someone make the power through the door also target when. you can watch it as it is just to have the default but i just have a commercial panto. just let it go to the bottom of. this to be
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closest. to the office closer to the rest of the brain yes. ya ya da da silva mind i don't know nothin here on the on top yeah i have a god and god man and i love often at home you know he had one wish maybe i was you that much added i not out of it now built a lot i'm gonna got here i now do gone out now to go on the ah ha ha ha oh there you go there's a hoss on not. only i got to hand out ya ya. whole lot that you see on. the mobile hurricane will be no eclipse hoosier masters and it's interesting you can see what's going on in the in america. even if it's
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one thing only if you stick to see it because it's your signal don't detail falls because he pulled about his big thing to use with think. he could get ball machine. so i didn't fall soon i was. too far off mentally minutes if it was the supply chain. to decide. to. use a little she decides to some tough luck and fall because i'm pushed associational through cincy. uses you for the depths you will for a possibly didn't faze me since you seem to dislike the. idea of exceptionally. good woman so police.
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cars are going malia's down on foot for them. it's just a consequence of. the form of the touch that is going to push possible a lot. of us in about just what the farmer does where. to get the good cheer home as additional equipment to look at him such as you have to type over the phone also look like someone taught us about the me i mean their family home while we were there they wanted to become looked disappointed by so the second the name of the old. last month the guy to sit on the phone foremost because something that i put up on the nose for the balls to going over them from both of them in focusing. on
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a new app. and. i'm. going to. vote. in. most of. it to be thank you. thank you the whole is only sometimes it you. it almost as. if i'm to kick him he can't
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even get chemo was useable enough commodes incident to be used. wound up i. have been lucky to have had the movies. not on. the money. in the long. run. clinton. called them on. the i am. not on. the it's not. getting. me again began on the. not.
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the the i. am. going home. to work that morning to see young. people from a sad movie in the works about the old school deal is a bouncer the big kid who visit them isn't my mom. she probably didn't want the money was the supervision of the reading books after i read. don't you know no single one of them to it would just have submitted it to some of the most. prominent examples of the naming magic came to some holes in the family i don't know if i'm going to be xians into jochum problems to get them up doing nothing thing. just if it was in the bucket see
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a monster even. she plumb the political says one homeowner of the moment we sit down by just to hold him he said he will office about your whole life and who've just been this is supposed to be one of the just digital medium i know and i thought. it. no one who. could ask. you had it done in the past one. hundred one. on it. but fuck. it. elmo thought to tell you something
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just this is a movie that about me i. suppose like a choice of it's. good to be on the up call a few well some of us look at it it's just a bit silly but i think it's up to six point two eight it's since the students are . close enough. that it never. let up. because let's just think if we want to stick it to the full extent of the business coming out about it i'm going to see if i think that is. so we don't disagree that it is a film of the day because i'm full. of people so. it was so this if you saw i was in the bus or. third.
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it's a bunch of well yes i was trying to. point out in every body but out west this shark shows pictures sees her shark her miserable sister that's just. going to say i'm going to. assume that when i see. the show all. four of them you. get all pissy about it going to. lead him. to see the houses he says he moved. into the room that was new this shouldn't be here and leases didn't
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invent homes in the sense to me this is you. they knew that it was good and the. rest of us would like. to show us just through the. system get. sick of it. just people sit. down folks do something which is going on in a sort of he said the school. actually tripled or the house. builds. a few. to what exists it's just. a hole for the heart of this for a. couple discuss
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a cup song that stupid. oh my god it's. a can put it all mush put it we got this past you have something. to say for the full kit the sample the food in school make it a little bit confusing put this behind for look at something that didn't sound also the guy who said look it's. a whole request that included in the movie will look for me to see the support for the book but not the focus but it sucks to see. what. we want to send to him but she is going to do nothing this is the most i don't see saw since it could. get down to the senate. but. for. now for keeping with an issue i've noticed. the chances.
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in this year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport tree people in power troubles to our good days to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket on the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from you know that it would be a dismal he's going back to the right but i don't believe that. europe migration on a zero. with a big breaking news story account be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in and you're trying to provide the best most accurate pop today's information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen pinned to realize witness history in the making.
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five families fight to survive in twenty first century america i live off my credit cards mine i don't make enough money the last couple of months it's been minimum balances can only keep their heads above water in a tough economic climate companies have had to lay off thousands of workers if he wants to go to school he'll be for his classes in books and knowledge you can't do that in the wild. just zero. zero again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories and i was there at the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election has vowed to challenge the results in course citing catholic church election observers most
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influence says that he won with more than sixty percent of the votes he claims that the declared winner rival opposition trend that felix should cater just eighteen percent syrian state media says that israel has fired several missiles towards its capital damascus unconfirmed reports suggest they struck near the city's airport syria says that some of them were shot down by air defenses one of the missiles reportedly damaged a warehouse at the airport. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was on his eight day tour of the middle east he says that the u.s. will continue to support its allies in the fight against eisel despite its military withdrawal from syria. the u.s. president has backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency to fund this controversial border wall during a meeting on border security donald trump told reporters he wants congress to do its job and prepare more than approve rather more than five billion dollars for the
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war he called on democrats democrats many of whom have left washington for the weekend to come back and vote a standoff over funding for the wall has led to a partial government shutdown. opponents of nicolas maduro protested as he begins his second term as that as well as president. a rally was held outside of the local office of the organization of american states in caracas the head of the opposition one congress has challenged the tutor's rights to the presidency saying that he's ready to assume power and self to call new elections. one of yemen's main oil refineries is under investigation the government believes that it was started deliberately it happened in the southern port city of eighteen an explosion in the refinery led to a fire at one of its oil tanks the refineries been targeted in the past during
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clashes between government forces into the fight is causing fuel shortages power cuts and a saudi teenager who fled saying she feared her family would kill her is on her way to canada having been granted asylum. others the headlights now let's get you back to witness. i believe it was and. it got. me a. long it. was good and i am a and i am. me and. when i got not i was. i mean. we. know now that my little one now i'm going to.
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feel. safe again is it just as good evidence if you knew some of us in the moment the football met the summer about the unity it's your vision that if it doesn't that extraordinary. move it. is coming from the bit of that over the lazy. way and leisure never enough the feeling belief that what if you're sure enough you don't get anything that you don't want on the budget will see some. delays. can be detected in genuine good books way. if you if he does he'll see this you quoted him in your good waffling book to what
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. could be the sydney's rumor the whole hidden can be that easy for the good the. good of the people that want to be found one good. who save us good will do what it good to us to be. then deleted by the sea was a room the bottom of it was a pretty. good guess but didn't get where you would if you. read as if you do the big brother would you would you also more don't as you do for the abuse of your mom or who was with her while it is to go to the individuals with feel. and national. weather events that that the cup. was your regime now can lessen it because says it a conscious shell is in many short health costs is very disappointing. he said to him he said she can i said about it of course
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a member he have any kind of. care anything i've ever develop it can't exist if you have the net. because it costs one hundred one actually split and then buys because someone cannot remain sick our partnership of course had upset huda of what outcomes you got of him or his senior doing it didn't matter. in medicine once it was somebody is getting more problematic. because you consider vick you're going for spurious being. or to let me look up a bit more says it looks a bit bucket i don't see that quote it has to be home. i don't suppose so roger gonnet regrets also cool down or sort of what mr that jim somebody thought do you suppose yourself now as several shopper for not.
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going to. focus on the ship's recipient or you this will occur on their own or gets discussed without having a vote so if there were more than they could have at present they could get the show's. pick a shot on a second. one in this plot simply hit by their own them. so just push them into trauma civil commerce the phone to come let's have. a river where yes i believe it will be the magazine will actually let you go there because this is also. the best of all. to go with and that's. it for the city for the deaf but.
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i also. have deposits to be able to talk to. the money that has to get it. done but if that's all but so much support that it. was a bust on a sad state without. the rule of law because songs such as. the phillies was a debacle on the scene or what is what has puzzled is still going on today because of. social media yourself doing. nothing because really it's going to put us into trouble resulted in a moving mother so how was it was physically abusing or was he shooting the news
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you might well know because you know obama on this. show was. just. moving to move. and you were going to also let me in here and. when you came. they have no have no exhilarating so no one has seen or spoken about him he is really on to. so this is a sign of him. as good as in the world. is he a man. in what passes you was enough. rover to. do. but not a design leave the. sooner the better for the.
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super committee of the us is it was no isn't the world isn't. even the. homes in the interview. she says. in the us so the woes. of the war over a bit of the world where you have to be visiting the world who are hooked. have kept that up up up. up. up top of. the bottom or. top of bob hope's cost that will. let us.
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know what. you know it was such. a shock. ali. i want. another there's another that's been shot of the president in the coming of incident . if it's money if and when but when i was at intel for the for the printer from sun up no seriously what is the logic for the. who.
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will see that if his soon soup is it doesn't go a bit much except the bump on another boy's physician for example because this is what you should buy in from putting this in shoes in medicine a careful this is us is just too far by those that say it's. simply. a sound oh she chooses to somehow be an arm piece and. most of the counter gracious you. know cuts you can who normally would usually. measure me by samsung doing. just the only to see him he says who are somewhat usual because this was said he wanted to see the room shudders and give his own that shouldn't. themes. crucial to proof. and what's the use of competition good for the love and dissolute emotional feeling over the
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negotiation of problem was the one of the we didn't do this no much more than fiction or patrolling for the us it's a mother made home a common one woman decision up in the southeast i didn't go jane but we had is our government was pretty into go out probably cut being destroyed we understood it but don't see it like this you know this is a crock of ignoring it conceivable the young folks a couple who it will be him. because it was his hospital to signal that libya was not nominated let's go back on that it would also would still be repeat the prescience of a cult and also a decision or more done in we would do this for speedy he said but can we feel his leave after going on false i don't want to be tricky or you could wriggle crizal if it don't. under the but only because well as him know what have both of us to do
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anything he can probably tell drug companies to bettina doesn't really have a moment of planning to vote for him but i hope no one of them jump on the wall do you want to actual physical some people but the with only. resisting he can decrease and get to the point you did. he didn't just showed us was it in a fit by the candle. lit a sick bag look at those children is all faded will most able to think it took bushel to busk to continue this is something he would do something awful what is emitted. something will cause course or tawfiq you have a quote about us do you have something to. supply and you know print a public public tumult of this when he was he was something. that is was something that potentially was go was it done up as we are going to pollution she. does on enough called up being normal vision a belgian ship object to different movies second subcommittee on
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a check under new dress and what about every convent is double the doses you. can do before you have sources. any b.c.m. immediate that will she do feel to be diverted let's have a meal you sick that on their sick beat lets get your family the lump that you have been. and it will be easy to buy if when i'm going to. so anybody's side is talking crazily on one of us a few folks who say better yet i still love mr so just shoot his only the woman said out of this new love it was me so bad so i did what was a civil case all eventually c.b.d. just to do the full disposal she said of the most you could hardly keep pace with so why they don't even come sample of the hayward only because the. name political figure probably for the mission is still people but was also for
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you so much for me and not one of you can be your goods through them for all for rather than most of. us look. at it they did them at woods's moving these in full support of how to be relied on i did anything wrong i distrusted while i recall or didn't do things with disease high younger than it's not even on the health costs of x. to get nuisance who is unable to put some pushing through so much you can do to defeat me and. you can be is a neon reason long but he's too young. to see. is hating on do no
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she do do do dishes i'm pushing you consciously yes and you do not need to sit there and satish rouge suits and he she is going to be the leader who will turn the podium to just a little of course you are such an essential to the tax. she kept him to be so nice to talk to me she because pete was twenty but. he didn't mind it as he damned innocent while trying to take me to meet these men and. one said he clues to thank you c. diff you know mr.
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washer this is. some. some not crazy. little missile defense did all that trouble for just the. most of the was. a pleasure of the professor was originally forced. to feel. god in your whole body that you despise but just so also i added noise hindsight i imagine all of them a suspect rather than about the needles all fall for the kid about to be just talking he came up with.
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the commitment to watch out by himself usual back to the box like the tiger and mistress are still debating it would also assume that attacking not. only excessive doesn't also give i said look it's just one day in the shop just not in. the should will it really. want to. thank you. demand. hard hard not. to give up on him so he doesn't see it but you see some movement but not me often oh he's. going to go to the ships do we need to listen to such was like it's just not all digital and i'm sure it's true you know it's been up since. jimmy failed on his own home the homes on his own but the scene you know should be changed the hood is a home is they have the bugs us. into it that was conducted to keep
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it going to be neat and you move down your own food maybe you have every right to do you go to sunday couldn't you don't want to be back on your show that he could but not just live in front of him if he was up i think i'm only going through the limited numbers only. on homos. and there was. something hot. so to go home where he was this is. it is this is. he who. you know he misses of russia. who simply don't. have a good hot shoe box he. says really. i met him and. you know. to.
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see more. of a new. kid really. so that you. know we really do. need to give the kid the good to keep. him. and. yet. obviously most competitive. but that's part of you know mr seale not. to. escalate but he's seen a. string
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. of you. know no sooner had he been about. as i'm going to help you. i'm from gaza my organization doesn't want to stay near zero percent to nothing you have to sign me if you want to. visit to put the success of this money is all from palestinian by song sudan usually this unit damage yourself to the summit to deal or you get to go from zero one one jump of the way have a look to the twenty we have to look to experience with them we need to win if he's a problem. we need physical bodies within the but mission from base that is our.
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it's a look the work of. government will get more strong the society will not miss an emmy and if that mr sevan was to him as an arsonist my hatchway of which i will miss the more it been was a bit of a scoop and i suppose it probably does not fit my main. computer business. but i don't think the last part of the muslim thing is find its. controls it was a covert also but it seems plain. and that's because mostly shin buckles good to have the soon the patient gets on the the side of the store. looking for the you will get. some food. for example is one of the jewish that is boarding for the kids you need to find new ways to stick around because it makes you a better the collage i am i going to again try this from ahmed no
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cinemas only to tell me it's would say i'm still here which i'm sort of just because i have a measure when there was one hundred fifty whether it should seeds not a day are definitely good evidence difficult knowing nothing is a thing of the old mission because i got that out of the let me let me i don't see what i did that's cheating. why. the or. both before the fall if we want to send some message to put before us
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a business. for buster to say just look at a moment the two sides was just pause taking a detour is the ship by. over by that big show up on top of me sometimes. the sioux falls. said it not in the. mission. should disappear but of. course that's when i joined. so you. had to feel. a little this. is a little bit this is something we didn't think about when. we couldn't use it. well what difficult. decision about. it with the shoes he would have believed.
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it was the little. bit what specific look is that. this is the latest exchange. and office and then she. wasn't letting him do that. was if. i thought. so let it.
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to be a child has to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again it's good to have you back well here across the western part of the
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band over the next few days we're going to stay dry but we do have another storm system that's going to be coming into play bringing some more heavy rain across parts of the areas that have seen extreme flooding just last week i want to show you the forecast map here because it's in the mediterranean that we have our next storm system so here on saturday fairly dry here across eastern med but then as we go towards sunday you notice those clouds and rain showers pushing in anywhere from syria down towards lebanon as well into parts of jordan we are going to be seeing some very heavy flooding rains across many areas over here towards baghdad a system will push through you get a combination of mixed snow in the evening but as we go towards the daytime it will turn to rain and then we expect to clear out by sunday evening well cross much of the arabian peninsula to the north it is going to be cloudy for many locations we do expect to see quite a bit of clouds here on saturday with attempt a few of about twenty two degrees not much of a change across much of the area on sunday but over towards misguide a little bit cooler than what we've seen with attempt
3:47 pm
a few about twenty four and then across parts of southern africa now tibet across the southern coast we are going to see a few clouds for cape down durban may see a shower or two but it's going to continue to be met a gasket of the seas very heavy flooding rain over the next few days. my main dish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the story that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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. swear every. culturally i believe god to muslims had a far greater effect all europe than europe the middle east. the crusaders fought for old christmas because that failed to recognize the moment but. not all of it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the find a liberation at this time on. the un calls for calm as the election results in the democratic republic of congo a little challenge.
3:49 pm
and i missed us here today and this is al jazeera live from also coming up. so what we're not looking to do right now is national emergency president trying the rules out taking executive action over his. border walls as the government shutdown becomes the longest in u.s. history. for human rights around the world canada grants asylum to a saudi teenager fleeing her family in a move like use of the strained relations between the two countries. and survivors of indonesia's recent out quake and tsunami still trying to rebuild their lives three months on off to disaster struck. the runner up in the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo is
3:50 pm
challenging the results in court martin farrell who says he won with a landslide sixty one percent of the vote citing catholic church election observers he claims the declared when a rival opposition candidate philip to getit got just eighteen percent the congolese catholic church and french government both dispute the results saying it doesn't match what was seen on the ground the united nations secretary general has called for calm in the d.l.c. as rising violence fuels fears of a wider breakdown diplomatic editor james bays reports from un headquarters in new york. the security council finds itself in a most difficult position its members have long been keen to see the back of the can be led government but now it's been defeated they face an electoral dispute between rival opposition candidates they will for now rally around the message of the head of the un peacekeeping force in congo a call to avoid further conflict i deplore all such acts of violence and up
3:51 pm
to the congolese people and security forces and like to exist size and restraint in these critical period the security council tried to discover if the provisional election result was an accurate reflection of the will of the people the head of the electoral commission briefing the council from can charge admitted the election was not perfect and have been conducted in an atmosphere of mistrust but he stood by the result he's announced. the african union the regional body the south african development community which had observer teams on the ground both broadly back that assessment but then came the testimony of archbishop who temby his catholic church organization cinco who fielded by far the largest number of observers nearly forty thousand no correspondent bar the results is published do not match the data collected by our own observation mission we have
3:52 pm
a recommendation to publish it quickly as possible all the records and minutes from the counting and polling stations to allow candidates to compare notes but the head of the electoral commission said he would only hand over that data to the constitutional court for now the security council is focusing on the stability of the democratic republic of the congo but as the electoral dispute continues maintaining calm and avoiding violence will become harder and harder james zero at the united nations syrian state media says israel has fired several missiles towards its capital damascus unconfirmed reports suggest the strikes hit near the city's airport syria says some of them were shot down by air defenses but one of the missiles damaged a warehouse in the airport for more let's cross to mohammed atta in gaza on the turkey syria border mahmoud there have been several alleged missile strikes by israel in syria over the last few weeks what do we know about this attack.
3:53 pm
well yes city and media is reporting that there was several missiles fired from israeli warplanes over the most. over night they say that most of them were intercepted by the city and defense system save for damage well house you would have to believe to be a weapons that pull up there in the must because this is all the fuss. all such kind that is that is among ting on syria over the past two years has mounted over tool hundreds of such a toxin all of these to try to keep in check it on the influence of course that on of the moment halting president bashar us again us much ted it's possible block from syria opposition groups and these latest attacks comes. when the
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u.s. troops in city hall say they have begun withdrawal we something that is causing honey across the region that it might leave a vacuum something that vital for lead to a calm buck off. walk through all the iran with only coming from is that i love the neighboring countries but also from religious minorities like the syrian christians and the years eve the community will mold to well how brutal. can be by can all the group is on that i'm fighting against them is taking place on the last bit of territory they are holding very close to the syrian border with his a study of how it's going on. heavy fighting in this town city. the last leave off long remaining within isis control is undoubtedly.
3:55 pm
the cut is led city and democratic forces as d.f. in a final push although i still fighters from their last remaining stronghold in the eastern city. as they have commanders say they are making some purpose backed by u.s. airstrikes which have been stepped up since donald trump announced the withdrawal of american troops from cities this storage is full of weapons and ammunition we took from i saw fighters after days of fighting here this assault on my sil is the final chapter of a conflict that began more than four years ago when the group says parts of it out in cities and declared a hug. it out to government forces declared victory over i still in december two thousand and seventy and despite thought analysts say their ideology is also very much alive in the region he truly believes it was pushed back. eat your logic there the sunni complaints they have been totally run over and everybody.
3:56 pm
that ukraine should be still ready. and therefore radicalism over the i.s.i. already. has eat roots and. that's why it has been totally illegal the fighting between the as d.f. and i still is centered around the town of hygiene on the banks of the euphrates river close to the syrian border with iraq the hygiene area was once home to sixty thousand people most fled to live in much of the camps for the displaced. renewed fighting intensifies more people are joining them here dozens of the newly displaced wait for tents and blankets in the bitter home some say they fled on foot because they heard the u.s. coalition warplanes bumping vehicles. on the frontlines as their fighters are preparing for long long they estimate the fighting hygiene will last
3:57 pm
two to three months doc may seem like a surprisingly won't find given the size of but any of them dealing with ice and how cities with populations three times greater fell within days the difference is that in both bottles us and fighters strategically retreat to choose and try one from their positions in order to close for the day time. this time the retreat is not on the one hundred on the wall just doesn't well u.s. secretary of state mike compare is continuing his tour of america's middle east allies his public remarks have focused on iran which washington sees as the main threat in the region but as roslyn jordan reports from payer has found that a big part of his trip involves reassuring u.s. allies ahead of the planned syria withdrawal. one thing is clear the u.s. military may be ending its direct mission in syria but it's not going to stop the
3:58 pm
fight against eisel on thursday the secretary of state mike pompei o said that u.s. aircraft would be prepared to target and to kill eisel fighters if they try to retake any territory either in syria or in iraq meantime the pentagon is confirming that some equipment that the u.s. military had been relying on while deployed in syria is now being moved out of the country but for security reasons they are not saying how quickly this some two thousand u.s. troops in syria are going to be leaving where they will be based after they leave syria or how long the drawdown is going to take one thing is certain the u.s. is taking great pains right now to try to remind its allies that it's not abandoning them in terms of security cooperation there is also still the ongoing
3:59 pm
problem of the u.s. his departure and the status of kurdish fighters in syria there is a very real concern that turkey may go in not to go after a group such as eisel but to try to get rid of the kurdish fighters who belong to the y. p.g. because turkey considers them an affiliate of the p.k. k. which both turkey and the us say is a terrorist group the u.s. has said and both the national security adviser john bolton and mike on peo have made great pains to stress this point on friday that they do not want anything to happen to the kurdish fighters negotiations with trying to protect kurdish fighters from what could be some sort of turkish military assault are still underway. eight members of one family have been killed in yemen and the shelling attack by who thier rebels the four women and four children died in
4:00 pm
a government held village called shalala close to the border with saudi arabia news of the deaths comes as the saudi u.a.e. coalition says it destroyed a hoofy drone control center it was used in an attack on a military parade on thursday. the partial government shutdown in the us is now the longest in history at twenty two days with no end in sight president trump has backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency to fund his controversial border wall but he's still demanding congress to approve more than five billion dollars for the project he called on democrats many of whom have now left washington for the weekend to come back and voters i'd rather not do it because this is something that congress should usually do this is something that the democrats should do and i want to give you an easy way out of something as simple as this not only simple it's easy
4:01 pm
and it's going to shoot europe you know we have a country that is under siege you could actually get a lot of people don't like the word invasion we have a country that's being.


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